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Public Beta: Brewbar for iOS Tablets, New Stands

We showed off Brewbar in April at SCAA 2016 and are excited to say that we’re able to release it now as a public beta. This app was designed with cafes and training programs in mind.


The top features include:

  • Up to three brewing stations connected and displayed on the screen
  • TWO recorded rates and weights if you use a two-scale setup
  • Ability to create a master recipe
  • Automatic recording of subsequent pours
  • Immediate feedback on accuracy of pours in relation to master recipe
  • Connection to the new Baratza 270W grinder


If you are interested in joining the beta program, you can download the app here (opens iTunes link). You may send immediate feedback to

Requirements for the app include:

  • iOS tablet with iOS 9 or 10 and Bluetooth 4
  • At least one pearl (multiple preferred) with latest firmware update




Video Walkthrough

New Stands

To pair with our Brewbar app, we've designed the Titan and Atlas pour-over stands. The two-scale setup can help you measure two flow rates, in addition to two weights, for more accurate extraction.

These are cut one at at time from blocks of aluminum alloy. Each stand comes with a tool kit for you to easily assemble in a matter of minutes.


Atlas (designed for two scales): 




Titan (standard stand): 





Is this going to be on Android?

Yes. There will be a beta for Android. Please sign up here to be notified when it becomes available.


What is a public beta?

Major changes can still be made to the app before the official full version is released. Here’s where you come in! We would appreciate any/all feedback in regards to using the app and ease of it in part of your commercial environment.


Can this connect to the Baratza Sette 270W?

Yes, it can. Make sure your mobile device's Bluetooth is on. You will be able to read the output weight of the grinder. You are not able to program the weight for the grinder yet. 


Why is this only for tablets?

Because Brewbar displays three stations at a time, we need the tablet's larger screen to display everything clearly.


Where can I find the stands in my country?

Ask your local distributor. If they are not selling the stands yet, ask them to place an order with us.