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Calibration for Acaia scale

1. Purpose

The calibration procedure is designed for user to calibrate the Acaia scale periodically in order to maintain the best weighing accuracy.


2. Why is calibration important

The Acaia scale is a precision instrument. But the weighing sensor does not only respond to weights. For example: temperature effect, gravity influence, voltage bias, etc. In order to rule out the other cause and maintain the best weighing result of the scale, periodically calibration operation is required.

The reason is pretty simple: most of the influence factors such as the gravity and the temperature usually do not change a lot within certain of time. With calibration procedure  the weighing result is precisely adjusted with a standard weight.

For those lab balances with division less than 1mg, calibration procedure is required before each weighing. For Acaia scale, it is recommended to calibrate periodically such as once per week or per other week. And, if the Acaia scale location is moved between two cities, or between two environment with pretty different temperatures, the calibration is required then.


3. Preparation

In order to calibrate Acaia scale, standard weights are required.

Here are the recommend standard weights for calibrate Acaia scale:



  1. Only one standard weight is required to calibrate the Acaia scale. User can choose the preferred mass as long as the precision class is F2 or better. The precision class for standard weights are E1 > E2 >F1 > F2 > M1 > M2 > M3. The latter is the lower precision standard weights, which results in larger error.
  2. 500g is most recommended mass.
  3. MPE= Maximum permissible error of the standard weight.



4. Steps to calibrate the Acaia scale

  1. Start the scale.
  2. Make sure the weighing unit is in gram.
  3. Click T key for multiple time until CAL is shown.
  4. Put on 500g standard weight.
  5. Wait until LED shows ‘_End_'.
  6. Take off the standard weight, and the Calibration procedure is completed.   
Calibration_Finger on Power Calibration_Finger on T, Green Light off Calibration_CAL Calibration_ ‘_End_’