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The Brewprint: How to create and use the Acaia app feature

This is a short overview of the process of making a brewing print. It's a good idea to have already entered your coffee's information in the Bean Stash part of the app - that will save you a bit of trouble.

Follow along the video below or use our iOS screenshots:
From the feed screen, select the "+Add" option at the bottom.
That will bring up the following options:
Select "Brewing Print."
Pick your brewer, coffee, brew ratio, grind and temperature. These can all be selected and entered by tapping on them.
Now for the bean mass. If you haven't yet measured out your beans, then you can put a container on the scale, tare the scale with the "T" button, measure your coffee, and use the check button to enter that value under "Bean". No typing necessary! (It's also possible to tap on the number and enter it manually.)
Tap on "Next" to get to the brewing screen.
This screen gives an overview of the parameters you've entered on the previous screen at the top, and a chart, timer, and scale readout showing the progress of the brew. As before, the "T" button in the bottom right corner will tare the scale. Get everything ready to go, and then tap the "Play" button in the bottom left. There will be a short countdown before you are prompted to begin.
Here's a screen grab of the display post bloom:
The "Remaining Time" counter shows the time left for the current stage of the brew - in this case, we should be done pouring our initial wetting of the coffee.
TIP: Tap on the time to change from Remaining Time to Elapsed Time.
The blue area shows the total amount of water poured, and the black line is the rate at which water is being added. It's possible to pause the brew or skip a stage using the buttons in the bottom corners.
Here we see the end of the bloom and the beginning of the second pour. "00:59" indicates that we have 59 seconds to finish the second pour (if you're following the programmed timer).
Midway through the second pour, you can see the author's shaky hands indicated by the black line.
When you're all done, select "Done" in the top right corner, and you'll see this screen:
You can add a photo by tapping the camera icon floating over the brew chart, rate the brew by tapping the starts, and select whether other Acaia users can see your Brewing Print by toggling the "public" switch. You may also add notes at the bottom.
Selecting "Share" in the top right saves and posts the Brew Print to your feed. If you have not chosen to make the Print public, that option reads "Save".
Now relax and enjoy your coffee!