Donate to Coffee With a Cause

$5.00 – $100.00

Collecting donations for job skills training for at-risk youth through May


Each month in 2024, we are collecting donations to send to charitable organizations and causes in the US. To donate, select the amount you wish to contribute and add this product to your cart. Acaia will publicly provide proof of donations when they are sent to the organization. Collections for Coffee With a Cause will continue through the end of May, 2024. Acaia will also match $50 in donations for this period.

In their own words:

The primary focus of Coffee with a Cause is job skill training for transitional age youth (TAY) who have experienced foster care, homelessness and justice system-involvement. We offer an internship program for youth age 16-24, in which they receive soft skill training from Coffee with a Cause staff, followed by hard skill training and hands-on experience in a trade with a local business. Our aim is that each youth completes the program with measurable improvement in soft and hard job skills, resume-ready experience and references, and support in seeking permanent employment.

During soft skill training, interns are matched with a local business partner. We collaborate with each intern to place them in a business and position that best fits their interests and long-term career goals. These range from coffee, to retail, to landscaping and more.

Throughout their internship, each intern is equipped with hard skill training and hands-on experience. Coffee with a Cause staff continue to be a support to each intern during this time, checking in regularly with all interns and being available to navigate any questions or concerns. The goal for each intern is to secure stable, long-term employment after the program.