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Collecting donations for a grassroots worker coalition through the month of May


Each month in 2023, we are collecting donations to send to charitable organizations and causes in the US. To donate, select the amount you wish to contribute and add this product to your cart. Collections for Red Canary Song will continue through the end of May, 2023. Acaia will also match $50 in donations for this month.

In their own words:

Red Canary Song began our organizing in a fight for justice and police accountability, after the death of Flushing massage worker, Yang Song, who was killed during a police raid in November, 2017. We started as a project to provide legal support for her family and help her mother pay for healthcare expenses.

We are a grassroots massage worker coalition in the U.S. There are over 9000 workplaces like these across the country with no political representation, or access to labor rights or collective organizing. Anti-trafficking NGO’s that claim to speak for migrants in sex trades promote increased policing and immigration control, which harms rather than helps migrant sex workers.

We also organize transnationally with Asian sex workers across the diaspora in Toronto, Paris, and Hong Kong.