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In their own words:

The Very Asian Foundation’s mission is to shine a light on Asian experiences through advocacy and celebration.

Through our mission, we try to bridge the gap between community and journalism by serving the underserved and solving problems

  • We raise money for AANHPI groups and issues

  • We help libraries build diverse collections through The May Book Project

  • We help people chase their dreams with The Creators Microgrant Program

  • We provide training, consulting, and hosting services across the country

  • We host events to build community like screenings, panel discussions, and mixers

On New Year's Day 2022, Saint Louis-based anchor Michelle Li wrapped up a segment on holiday food during a newscast. After reading the list, Li said on-air,

“I ate dumpling soup. That’s what a lot of Korean people do.”

Following the newscast, Li’s station KSDK received a voicemail from a viewer who said Li’s comment was “inappropriate,” complaining that Li was “being very Asian” and “annoying.” The caller mentioned if a white anchor were to say something similar, they would get fired and that Li "can keep her Korean to herself".

Li played the full voicemail for her followers on social media.

“We should all be allowed to bring our full humanity to the table and this is what happens when you’re perceived as perpetually foreign,” Li wrote.

Li’s post spawned an overwhelming amount of support and solidarity, leading to the formation of the Very Asian Foundation.

Dr. Sherry C. Wang captured the essence of the moment-turned-movement best:

"The #veryAsian hashtag is so powerful because we’ve turned a racist insult into our collective Asian pride. We’re redirecting #StopAsianHate & #StopAAPIHate to celebrate our Asian-ness. What a great way to start 2022! You give us anger, we cultivate community love & pride."