Pearl S Lock


Keep your scale secure and fixed


Fashioned from stainless steel, the Pearl S Lock gives you the ability to anchor and secure your scale without needing to store it overnight or while away.


    Pearl S Lock Assembly Guide


    Step 1.

    Turn over the scale and place it on a flat surface.

    Step 2.

    Break the hold on the left of the sticker.

    Step 3.

    Use the hex key to unscrew and remove the original screw.


    Step 4.

    After checking the alignment of the bottom plate, carefully put the Pearl S Lock in place and affix using the flat head screw.




    Product Weight

    15.5 g

    Product Dimensions

    W: 60 mm L: 15 mm H: 14 mm


    Stainless Steel

    Inside the Package

    Pearl S Lock x 1

    Screw x 1

    Hex Key x 1


    Kensington lock not included