Introducing the acaia Brewing Print for iOS & Android

You might as well heard of the “acaia brewing print”, we’ve shared a detail preview with our backers, but we also want to reveal some of the app to the curious public (because people are asking about it), the “acaia brewing print” is one of the feature of the acaia coffee app, in this project, I wanted to become better at coffee brewing. Unlike so many backers here, we are not experts, so we designed the Brewing Print to help us Logging, keeping notes for each brewing is great. It is a important, and very useful tool for all the coffee lovers.

Highlight of The Brewing Print Feature

This is our answer to the people who asked how we can make coffee taste better. During the process of connected with Acaia Coffee Scale, we create a chart related with time and water. This chart will show how this brewing process is completed. By using this chart, I get to know how my brewing process looks like comparing with experts who can accurately control the blooming time, infusion time and stability of the pouring process. This gives me an idea of what might be the possible reason for making this great cup of coffee.

It may not be the final answer for different results of coffee brewing, but sure gives us the most accurate information of these variables. The Brewing Print is a combination of design and the integration of technology, and this is how it will help me visualize and brew a better coffee, more importantly, I can tweet and share it with people who care about coffee.

Android App update!

Many people has been asking us about the Android app, and here’s a glimpse of the App in development, the feature of the Android app and the iOS will be the same, we are working really hard on developing the acaia Android app to ensure it will be compatible with all android 4.3 with bluetooth 4.0 supported devices. More updates coming soon!

So, any thoughts? We LOVE feedbacks, tell us what you think, we really want to improve the acaia.