September Round up: Events Recap

At the beginning of September, we were highly anticipating a number of events across the world. We had the honor of sponsoring or taking part in a lot of them. Among these events were competitions and learning forums, such as Golden Bean, Nordic Roasters’ Forum, Barista League’s USA Tour, and numerous Specialty Coffee Association gatherings. Here, we’ve created a round-up of photos from a few of these events.

Barista League

This was the first year that Acaia officially supported the Barista League, who had originally found footing for their unique competition in Scandinavia. The friendly championship, which focuses on team rounds and cafe centered challenges, made its way to the United States for the first time this summer. They followed a tour through Portland, Kansas City, Greenville, and Philadelphia. Below are some images of the events by photographer Ashley Day. 

Two competitors weighing out coffee on an Acaia scale Copyright Ashley Day

An overview of the competition in Portland copyright Ashley DayCompetitors tasting in Greenvile copyright Ashley Day

A Pearl scale weighing a portafilter copyright Ashley Day


This year at the Specialty Coffee Association Conference and Exhibition in Tokyo, Acaia was happy to rejoin FBC International at their booth. We had a great time at the festival and would like to congratulate Yamamoto Tomoko for winning the Japanese Barista Championship and Chikako Nakai for winning the Japanese Brewer's Cup. Yamamoto used two Lunar scales in her winning presentation.


This summer played host to the first Access run by the Barista Guild of America. The event, which was made up of lectures, workshops, and many satellite community programs, was organized in Austin.

Several of the Acaia hats sitting on a table at a convention.

Berlin Coffee Festival

Berlin Coffee Festival had a hugely successful fourth year, with its own festival in Markthalle Neun and a large number of satellite events including German Aeropress Championships and multiple coffee tastings. The event brought a crowd from both the local and international community, and we were delighted to see so many of our resellers around the city.

Pulling espresso shots at the Espresso Bar

A sign with coffee talks across it at Berlin Coffee Festival

Ibriks on top of black Pearl scales

A look over the Berlin Coffee Festival market hall

Barista Camp Europe

For 2018, Barista Camp Europe came to Evora, Portugal. About an hour’s journey outside of Lisbon, over 100 participants from a range of coffee backgrounds came together for the learning-focused forum. The photos have been provided by SCA.

A Sanremo Espresso Machine used during the Barista Intermediate course.

Calibrating lots of White Pearl scales
Brewing Intermediate students practising
the camp together around a large table during a meeting.



While a busy September is over, we still have plenty of exciting sponsored events coming up. To keep track of who we are supporting and working with, we post regular updates to our social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.