Gift Card

$10.00 – $250.00

E-gift card for your favorite coffee geek

$10.00 USD$10.00 USD
$25.00 USD$25.00 USD
$50.00 USD$50.00 USD
$100.00 USD$100.00 USD
$150.00 USD$150.00 USD
$200.00 USD$200.00 USD
$250.00 USD$250.00 USD

Give the gift of Acaia to your favorite coffee geek or coffee-obsessed person. With this gift card, the burden of choosing the right coffee scale or accessory no longer falls on your shoulders. Choose from a range of preset values.

This is an e-gift card. You will be emailed the gift card within hours of purchase, which you can then forward to the recipient. Gift cards are not redeemable for cash, not refundable, and never expire. Lost cards will not be replaced.

The gift card is redeemable only online at