Our team is currently traveling for the World of Coffee trade show in Copenhagen, so replies to sponsorship requests are paused. We will be back on July 2.

Qualification Criteria
Timeline & Selection
To Apply
Frequently Asked Questions


Acaia offers product sponsorships to support and encourage a more diverse lineup of competitors. There are many obstacles for competitors and we hope this program will help in a small way.

This is open to competitors in the world who are competing in Barista or Brewers Cup. All competition levels are accepted: region, country, or world.

Please read through this program in its entirety before filling out the form.

Qualification Criteria

  • You are registered for the competition you want sponsorship in
  • We have not sponsored you before
  • If you are in Central or South America, you must have a valid US forwarder
  • You hold one or more of the marginalized identities below


We’re looking to sponsor competitors who may identify as one or more of any of the below.

  • First-time competitor in Barista or Brewers Cup
  • Independent competitor
  • Work for a business that is not providing monetary or product support
  • Woman
  • Racial or ethnic minority
  • Queer coffee professionals
  • Refugee
  • Person with disabilities
  • Veteran
  • Representing a coffee-producing country

Timeline & Selection

All communication is via email.

Qualification approval: We try and review & respond to applications every Friday. You will be notified if you qualify or do not qualify for the program.

Raffle: Selection is via a randomized raffle and per event. All qualified competitors for the same event will be placed in the same raffle.

If you are selected in the raffle, you have 48 hours to reply and confirm your participation in the program.

Applications close according to the following timeline:

  • US: One month before the event date
  • Non-US: Six weeks before the event date

If all sponsorship slots for the event have been filled by the raffle and you are not selected, you will still be notified.


  • In exchange for products, we may ask you to provide photos, videos, and/or an interview.
  • Agree to our Code of Conduct.
  • Use and represent Acaia’s products on the competition stage.


There is a limit on how many competitors we can sponsor per event per country. Availability is also dependent on stock. We wish to donate everything, but we don’t have that capacity. If you live in Central or South America, please provide a US forwarder's address.

We are not able to sponsor:

  • A competitor we've sponsored before (we want to spread the love!)
  • A competitor who is competing in the following countries: Iran, Syria, Thailand, India, Turkey, and Russia. These restrictions are due to current political or logistical limitations (these limitations are subject to change).

To Apply

To apply, scroll down & fill out the form or visit this link.


I’m a competitor, but I don’t fit into any of these categories. Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer product discounts for competitors. Please let us know here.

What about Good Spirits, Latte Art or some other competition?

Unfortunately, due to stock, we aren’t able to sponsor every type of competitor. But, we do offer product discounts for competitors. Please let us know here.

What if I cancel my registration?

That’s okay. We would ask that you return the product, so we can provide it for another competitor.

Do I have to be registered for a competition to apply?

Yes, you need to have registered for the event to apply.

What happens to the scales after I’m done?

You can keep them! They’re all yours. :)

What can I request?

Pearls, Lunars, and some accessories. Ask for the dream and the worst we can say is that we’re out of stock or that it’s not possible. We try our best to fulfill requests, but we hope you understand if we cannot provide an Orion, limited-edition products, or fairy dust.

I was sponsored by you before. Can I apply again?

Part of our goal for this program is to sponsor a variety of people. In order to do that, we do not sponsor the same people again. Please let us know here if you are interested in our discounts for competitors.


  • Holiday hours: apply to our response times. If a response day is on the same day as a holiday office closure, the next response day will be used.


If you cannot view the embedded form below, please use this link to apply.