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The Acaia Lunar has a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

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Quick Tips

Auto-start - liquid timer

This mode, denoted by the droplet icon, begins the timer at the first touch of liquid. If you like to measure the time of your shot from the moment espresso hits your demitasse, this is the mode to use.

Auto-start - liquid timer/auto tare

This mode, denoted by the droplet & square icons, is mode #3 plus a tare. To operate, place the demitasse on the scale, wait for the scale to tare & pull your shot. The timer will start when espresso hits the demitasse.

Auto-start - cup timer/auto tare

This final mode, denoted by the triangle & square icons, begins the timer upon cup placement. When you put your demitasse on the scale, the scale will tare automatically. At the same time, the timer will start. This mode is for those who like their shot time to include pre-infusion.

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