Ion Beam


Engineered to address the issue of static electricity arising from the coffee grinding process.

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The latest Ion Beam solves the problem of static generated during the grinding process. Designed to work mounted on an Orbit or as a portable accessory for different grinders. 

The Acaia Ion Beam features an industrial-grade ion generator. It is designed to significantly reduce static electricity produced during the grinding process. This results in less retention, fewer flying chaff, and minimal clumping. The device achieves this by emitting a steady stream of charged ions. This effectively neutralizes static charge accumulation encountered during grinding. Additionally, the Ion Beam is now enhanced with an IR sensor for motion detection. Placing a container near it activates the ionizer. This ensures a smoother, more efficient grinding experience.

Tripod stand not included.


AIM101 / AIM102 / AIM103

Product Weight

115 g ¬Ī 5 g

Product Dimensions

√ė: 42 mm L: 127 mm




Lithium-ion rechargeable 3.7 V 780 mAh

Battery Life

8 hours

Attachment Thread



Bluetooth 5.0


US/ EU: 2 Years
Other: 1 Year

Inside the Package

Acaia Ion Beam x 1

L-Shaped Mount x 1

Cleaning brush x 1

USB Type-C Cable x 1


Fast and Concentrated Ion Generation

The Ion Beam is equipped with an industrial-grade ion generator.By generating a high
concentration of ions in a small space, it effectively minimizes static buildup in coffee grounds.


Motion Sensing Auto-Start

The generator incorporates an infrared sensor that detects the presence of an object
placed within 5 cm. Placing an item like a dosing cup close to the IR sensor will activate the
device. This feature streamlines the coffee grinding process for efficiency and ease of use.


Negative and Positive Static Neutralization

Emitting both positive and negative ions from different ends effectively neutralizes static
electricity. It addresses either negative or positive static buildup.


Better Coffee Grinding Experience

The device reduces flying chaff, clumps, and retention, improving the coffee preparation
process. This leads to a cleaner, more consistent grind.


Portable and Mountable

The Ion Beam's design allows for use as a handheld device or mounting on a standard
1/4-inch tripod platform. This offers flexibility for both personal and professional use
across different grinders.