Lunar Carrying Case


Protect your Acaia Lunar during travel

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Protect your precision scale on the go. Designed exclusively for our Acaia Lunar espresso scale, this case comes with an additional small pocket for holding the 100 g calibration weight and your coffee. It’s a must-have for the coffee enthusiast or barista on the move.

The minimal and fitted design provides essential protection for your Lunar as you travel and takes up no extra space. This means you can brew a great cup of coffee anywhere while still traveling light.

Please note that while the case provides protection from other objects, sudden accelerations or shocks may still damage your precision scale. Handle any luggage or bag containing sensitive scales with care.

Calibration Reminder

Scale calibration changes with variations in local gravity, surface tilt, and atmospheric conditions. Travel means that all three variables must be considered. We recommend allowing the scale to rest out of its case and in the location it will be used before calibrating and using it after travel.



Product Weight

310 g

Product Dimensions

W: 131 mm L: 135 mm H: 62 mm



Inside the Package

Lunar Carrying Case x 1