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Protective film for acaia Pearl


Protective film for acaia Pearl
Protective film for acaia Pearl Protective film for acaia Pearl Protective film for acaia Pearl Protective film for acaia Pearl Protective film for acaia Pearl Protective film for acaia Pearl Protective film for acaia Pearl


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The protective film for acaia pearl is precisely designed to fit the acaia pearl collection. The slim and transparent coating with round corners offers scratch protection for your acaia pearl weighing platform. It maintains the clarity of the scale display while not interfering with the touch sensitive buttons.
  • Easy to install
  • Transparent
  • 0.11 mm thickness
  • Does not affect touch-button responsiveness
  • Self-adhesive coated
  • Round corners 


Step 1.

Clean the weighing platform, ensuring that no dust or dirt remains on the surface.

Step 2.

Peel back the label marked STEP 1. Avoid touching the backing so your protective film stays clean and fingerprint-free.

Step 3.

Align the film to the edge of the weighing platform. Then, while holding it in place, slowly apply the protective film, starting at one edge and moving to the opposite edge. It helps to use a straight edge (e.g. a credit card) to apply even pressure across the film.


Step 4.

Carefully peel back the label marked STEP 2.


Product Spec:

Product Name: Protective film for acaia pearl

Model number: AA003

Material: PVC

Size: 155 x 155 x 0.1 mm

Inside The Package: 6 x Protective film for acaia pearl

Designed in California, Made in Taiwan



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